Nadine Lustre, pinakita ang naging reaksiyon sa sinabi ni James Reid na di pa sya handa na magka-anak silang dalawa

Sa mga couples, kahit hindi pa mag-asawa, hindi nga naman maiiwasan na mapag usapan ang pagbuo ng pamilya. Kung gaano kalaking pamilya ang nais ninyo, ilang anak, at paano ang magiging set up sa pamilya.

Credit: James Reid Instagram

Iyan ang isa sa mga naging topic ng usapan ni Boy Abunda at Nadine Lustre. Sa show ni Boy Abunda na Tonight With Boy Abunda, napag usapan din ang bagong project ni Nadine kasama si Billy Crawford at Tito Boy.

Credit: ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube

“I would drive around the city or eat alone. It’s like having a date with. You and Billy [Crawford] are there, tinutulugan n’yo ako na maging open and honest and to just say whatever I want to say,” kwento ni Nadine kay Tito Boy.

Nabanggit din ni Tito Boy ang sinabi ni James na wala pang plano magka-anak.

Credit: ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube

“I don’t know if I want to bring another life into the world, the way it is now,” pahayag ni James.

Sinegundahan naman ito ni Nadine.

“I agree with him. A lot of stuff is happening and I’m not yet ready kasi marami pa akong gustong gawin,”

Narito ang ilan sa mga pahayag ng mga netizens ukol dito:

“The Queen, The President, The loveliest, The fi3rce, The stunning.. all of the above.. She is Nadine Lustre . She is Love❤️❤️

Credit: James Reid Instagram

“Nadine looks more of pretty adult. Who cares kung ngpa retoke sya. If she ever did. Trip nya yan. No p@in no gain. Hehe. Sak!t kaya nyan!Let them enjoy the fruits of their lab0r.”

“The never bothered queen. She’s getting fiercer and fi3rcer. No pabebe and pa good image…she doesn’t care what her b@shers would say. Dahil lage naman may sinasabi. She knows she can’t please everyone.. that’s why i love her. #jadineislove 💞

“Choice nila yun whatever they do. She is not bothering anyone anyway, so let her enjoy what she likes. She is mature enough to decide for herself. Life is short so enjoy the most of it as long as you can. Retoke or what she looks very pretty to me. Enjoy life. No b@shing. Have peace and be happy.”

Credit: ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube

“If it will boost her confidence, who are we to say something? It’s her face/body, her choice. It’s not even your money. I really do appreciate their maturity. It’s so refreshing coming from young adult celebrities. They are so passionate with what they are doing.”