Working for his child and with his child: Delivery man works to unload heavy boxes while carrying his child

Recessions here and there, the current state of the world economy have driven families to forgo not only luxuries but also some necessities. With the world economy taking a turn for the worse jobs are getting rarer by the day while the people looking for jobs are increasing.

And if you manage to find a job you usually have to work for long hours eating away the time that should be spent rearing children. While some families with enough money send their children to nurseries or daycare centers while they work some cannot afford to make such choices.

Source: Goodtimes

This has put a strain on poor families, with the parents now having to make the choice, to stay at home to look after their children or to find work to put food on the table. Well, this man chose both, working to put food on the table whilst with his child, bringing the child while he works.

Passersby saw the man the multitasking, unloading heavy boxes by the looks of with one hand while carrying his child on the other. The sight awed many people, touched by what the man is doing, many even offered the man praise and encouragement, pointing out that the situation will improve eventually.

Source: Goodtimes

But some netizens worried about the child sighting the dangers that the child is put into with his father attention and effort split into two, carrying him and unloading the boxes. This prompted some netizens to suggest that the man should use a carrier or a baby sling to provide better safety for the child and with the use of a baby sling the man might be able to lift with two hands making the job much easier. Nothing beats the unconditional love of a parent to a child, this man deserves a big round of applause.