Motherly Husky Rescues Seven Orphaned Kittens, Nurtures Them as Her ‘Puppies’

Dogs have a sense of intuition better and accurate than humans. They tend to be excited, barking, wagging their tails or in some cases howling worriedly. That’s why for the owner, Whitney Braley, she just follow her distressed husky whenever it perceives something wrong.

Banner, Braley’s husky, squeaks in anxious to let her alarm that there is something wrong, in danger or in trouble. She trusted her dog companion and followed her lead.

Banner and Braley arrived in an unknown part of the woods with a concealed cardboard box that seems to be abandoned. The husky started making circles ultimately making Braley to curiously open the box.

At first, the box showed no sense of life like it was thrown as trash. But when Banner starts to grab something using its mouth, she grasped something alive and breathing. It was a kitten! After some time, they later discovered that the kittens were in a brood of seven. Braley was in a state of surprise because the box wasn’t moving and surrounded by silence. She later recalled that someone may have confined the kittens in the box, wrapped tightly and let them di3 at the verge of young age. She also mentioned that the perpetrators may think no one would find them but because of Banner’s strong senses, the kittens may have stretched their life and found a new home.

Heroes are not made or created they were titled for a good deed even a small one. Banner is not an exception making her the new local hero. Braley was grateful when they found the kittens because if they didn’t, the kittens might have frozen to d3ath. They might haven’t get the chance of seeing the beauty of the world.

Whitney always gets infuriated whenever she encounters situations like this. She always feels bad knowing that someone had the guts of letting such innocent animals di3. She disappointedly emphasized how cruel and heartless they are. Whitney and Banner took the responsibility first-hand on making the kittens strong and healthy.

Being a mother doesn’t flow in blood but by in their unconditional love. During some time with the kittens, Whitney noticed that Banner starts to become a loving mother to them. She always makes sure they are safe, she cuddles with them during siestas and naptime and acted like she’s their real mom. It was heartwarming to know that maternal love is given unforcefully especially from dogs.

Whitney now plans to send kittens to whoever homes are open for them. She is thankful for having a dog like Banner and soon to bid a farewell to the cats when they got their families.

Banner is just another evident proof that difference in kind doesn’t hinder to show your love. Just like cats and dogs can be all together, we can be unified as one and take care of each other as well.