An Inspiring story of a 30 year old who graduated Magna Cum Laude

Stephen Rey Ortiz graduates from college at age 30, proving that age is just a number, his story is living proof that age is no obstacle to success, proving that with hard work and determination no hurdle is impassable. Stephen Rey earns his degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication with the Latin honor, magna cum laude after a long hiatus from college, but the time he spent away from school seemed as if it has not dulled his passion and knowledge proven by the fact that he got his degree with flying colors.

Knowing that many others are or have been in the same situation as him, holding off college after high school, or senior high school nowadays, he shares his story to serve as an inspiration to others.
“After working in BPO industry for almost 7 years, I decided to go back to school to finish my education. I [was] 26 that time,” He said in an interview to the Manila Bulletin.

Finishing Bachelor of Arts in Communication as Magna Cum Laude, but Bachelor of Arts in Communication was not actually Stephen’s first choice. His first choice was to study Business Management, he wanted to finish it because he thought it would be useful for his job in the BPO industry. However, he changed his mind, after seeing the course curriculum because it involved a lot of math.

Stephen said about his choice “Since I’m working in the BPO industry, my first choice is to take up Business Management. But after seeing its curriculum, I asked the admission if they can offer me a course that ‘had a few numbers’ then they recommended AB Communication,”

And apparently, he made the right choice. All seemingly went well, he was able to enjoy his studies and complete the degree with flying colors! Stephen also experienced no discrimination but instead, he had a harmonious relationship with his younger classmates at STI College Global City. Stephen earned the respect of his classmates they even call him Kuya as a sign of respect and support.

Credits: Stephen Rey Ortiz Facebook