Her Fiancee Proposed with 6 rings so she can choose what fits her best

One of the most-awaited and nerve-wracking turning point for a man’s life is to marry the love of his life. Everything must be pre-planned perfectly from wedding proposals to honeymoon getaways. Indeed, it starts with a small epitome of marriage – a ring. For other guys out there, they get to choose the most expensive and the most enchanting. But for Dennis, he wanted to make her soon-to-be-wife the happiest girl by choosing a ring in his unique proposal.

Dennis Brown II had come up to a decision to tie a knot with his girlfriend, Atara Dallas. He asked an assistance from an event-planning company on that engagement day. Instead of the usual fine dining proposals, he wants to ask the question remarkably in an unforgettable event.

He gathered photographers and videographers to capture spontaneous moments. He hired props designer, florist, makeup artist, hairdresser, drapery expert and assistants to sand off remaining unappealing edges of the event.

The wedding proposal happened majestically at Riverside Wharf, Miami, Florida in the Penthouse. He knelt down before his gorgeous bride to be, offered a memorably-written message showcased in a wall. The message expressed his undying love and devotion to her, how wonderful a woman she is and how lucky he was.

After that, he presented six fabulous rings so that Atara wouldn’t regret the ring she would wear in their lifetime. It’s like completely fulfilling a princess dream with a ring of her choice and Atara wholeheartedly took that privilege. But what would ring suits her?

The box of rings comprises different shapes and sizes with corresponding symbols and meanings. Without hesitation, Atara selected a pear-shaped diamond ring that meant ultimate elegance.

It’s obvious to see the couple’s overflowing love and it was intensified glamorously by the exceptional proposal Dennis took. After the event, the lovebirds gathered many praises, positive insights, and impressions from the netizens. Now, almost everyone had their expectations stably high because of this extravagant proposal.