Emirates’ “Diamond-Embellished Plane” Made the Internet Pumped Up

When we gaze over the sky and spot an airplane, we often see a small moving figure with a linear streak of smoke. It traverses the blue heavens until it disappears into a cloud. Now, a photo went into an internet sensation that illustrates a newly- and dazzling-designed plane that might change the name of air transportation.

The photo goes a little above the conventional exterior of every airplane by covering the whole plane with tons of diamonds. The shimmering aircraft in the photo is resting in the airport with an entourage of land vehicles and luggage. It conquers the dimming light as it anticipates its maiden journey over the sinking sun. The enticing brightness sparks up a curiosity among netizens and travelers. A lot of them also hopes to acquire a ticket especially those who love extravagant traveling.


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Waiting for my Ride 💎 . . So Ladies & Gentlemen , I am officially flying to #milan to fall in love with #art #culture #italy to witness the love #glamourtalentawards has to offer ! I have to remind myself & all of you again and again, This all happened cause some of you prayed & some sent love 💕 to the universe & God just had to make it happen!! Just an ordinary big eyed – hopeful artist trying to live the best out of the world has to offer! Love you and thank you!!! Can’t wait to share everything with you all! . . . P.s I got a freaking upgrade to #milano !!!! . . . #art #artwork #collageart #artist #vision #fly #high #flying #godisgreat #pink #clouds #hope #lovemyjob #plane #emirates #flyhigh #arte #crystalart #crystalartwork #travel #travelphotography #blog

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As the photo went viral, many questioned the veracity of the photo and seek the truth whether the Emirates had a new plane or hadn’t. There are others that quickly booked for a seat but the major stance is still the circulating speculations that it was fake.

Indeed, it was a hoax. The photo was actually owned by Sara Shakeel, a Pakistani crystal artist. She was on her way to Milan from Pakistan when she was mesmerized by the view. The once-dentist took a picture and transformed it in an artwork by embellishing it with crystals, diamonds, and sparkles. She posted it off in the Instagram that gained reactions and popularity especially when Emirates tweeted the photo. They did not expect that many would fall the trap.

The Emirates is a Dubai-based airline carrier that is known by its outstanding performance in hospitality and entertainment. Their deceiving upload of the “Bling” 777 picture is actually the Boeing 777 aircraft. They jokingly exclaimed in a twitter post, “Presenting the Emirates ‘Bling’ 777.”

For an edited photo of an airline like that, it is perfectly suited for Dubai’s glamor and glitter themes. It maybe resembles anyone’s fantasy, it intensifies the hope of combining travel and luxury in an entity.

Source: EliteReaders