A 15-year-old Orphaned girl working for in a construction site, shows resilience through smiling even when working under the blazing sun

Working in a construction site in itself is already hard work, what makes it worse is when the sun is up so high and shining so bright right at you as you sweat. Imagine all the work and effort and sweat you have to undergo, only that you’re a 15-year-old kid. This is the story of the brave and hardworking girl Zhang Qianqian, who works every summer at a local brickyard.

Her father died in an accident at the age of 10 and since then she became orphaned as her mother left her to her grandparents and remarried after the accident. She was left with nothing, but instead of sulking and contemplating what she did to deserve this kind of life she took up the responsibility to look after her grandparents.

Sure, the government goes out their way and gives help to the elderly and monthly subsidies, but the money that they get every month barely helps with pay with her grandparent’s medical bills. Other than old age, they are ill and very many needs medical assistance and attention, added to the fact that she has to feed herself and her grandparents.
With this in mind, she has set off a goal for herself that she has to provide for her family, or what’s left of it at least.

Not asking for her grandparents’ consent, she set off to work at a nearby construction site to have some income and help pay for what they have to pay every day. The owner of the site felt sympathetic towards her after hearing her life story, so he decided to let her work, but since she’s just a child with a small body, the owner decided to give her lighter work than usual like moving bricks and other easier tasks in the site.

Albeit being so much smaller and younger than her other coworkers, she is just as strong, if not stronger than everybody in the site. The adults themselves feel the summer heat and take frequent breaks themselves. They themselves felt bad for the girl having to work hard under the heat of the sun.

Despite all of this, the girl still has the strength to give her fellow hardworking people a smile, saying that being able to provide for her family pays off the pain and exhaustion that she gets. She adds that working hard is better than having her grandparents have a hard time.

The little girl shows the good work ethic and morals that deserves each and every one of the praise that she gets whenever other people see her work and admire her for her will to do as much as she can just to provide for her grandparents.