Vicky Below earns the praise of netizens for being a hands-on mom

Dr.Victoria “Vicki” Gonzalez Belo-Kho a Filipina dermatologist and television personality, one of the leading beauty doctors in the Philippines. The go-to doctor of celebrities. She’s married to a fellow doctor, Hayden Kho. Vicky and Hayden have one daughter, the adorable Scarlet Snow. Vickey posted a video on Instagram of her and Scarlet, while Scarlet was trying to learn how to ride a bike and Vicky on the background guiding her.

Source: Instagram

“A few more pratice and coaching from Ka Nonoy and I and @scarletsnowbelo is good to go ride a bike ! Thank you Jenna Sy and @chaseractionsports for sending Scarlet this cute bike (in her favorite color, purple!) and a really cool scooter.

We ‘re excited for her to play outdoors, Vicky wrote.
With scarlet being cute as always, but also obediently listening to her mom. Scarlet seemed to get the hang of it quite quickly as in the video she can be heard uttering “Don’t hold me anymore,”.

The video gained positive comments from the netizens, Dr. Vicky being praised as a hands-on mom. The netizens got really impressed with Vicky’s parenting because she’s very hands-on despite busy schedules. “Hands on Mom @victoria_belo” “What a mom !” “I love how you can still be a very hands on mom doctor @victoria_belo despite your busy schedule. Kudos to you! You are at your most beautiful during your simplest times with your family.” The netizens wrote.

Vicky is truly a hands-on mom, finding enough time to spend with her daughter despite running a business empire, she even wrote on an Instagram caption on her and Scarlets photo ” always reach for your dreams. Mommy will be there to support you.” Further cementing her image as a “hands-on mom” as the netizens described her.