Ondrea Bliss, Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa’s charming and gorgeous daughter

One of the most beautiful couples in showbiz, Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto, got married last 2011 and the fruit of their love are their four children, three boys, and one little girl who will be the focus of today’s article. The girl named Ondrea Bliss.

Not only adored by the whole family, Ondrea Bliss, Oyo Boy Sotto, and Kristine Hermosa’s unica hija, is loved by netizens all throughout social media. Much like her mother, Ondrea is set to grow up as beautiful, if not more than Kristine Hermosa.

Surely all of you must be bedazzled not only by her charm but also by her name. In an interview with the talk show “The Buzz”, Kristine Hermosa explains the naming of Ondrea Bliss.

With her beauty and unique name, Ondrea definitely deserves all the love, attention, and adore that she gets. Kristine said in “The Buzz” that “Naghanap kami. Finally, God spoke to us na eto na yung ipangalan ninyo. Ibig sabihin ng Ondrea, strong and courageous.

And Bliss, ibig sabihin naman unmeasurable joy.” Ondrea inherited her chubby yet cute cheeks and also her left chin features from her mom. Oyo Boy commented “Yung cheeks nakita naming ang taba talaga. Tsaka ‘yung fingers niya mahaba, parang nagmana kay Tin (Kristine). Buti na lang kay Tin nagmana.”

Her fans seeing how much alike she is with her mom often tells and wishes that she will become a beauty queen someday as well. In a report from Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Oyo Boy said that Ondrea is much like the family’s “little miss painter” for her passion for visual arts.

Being a sweetheart and a cutesy girl, she’s not all just looks. She treats her younger brothers as her BFF’s, which adds to her cuteness. From being a sweetheart to being her brother’s BFF, she’s down to do anything in the family, even to help her parents in doing household chores like cleaning the house.

It’s great to know that Oyo Boy and Kristine Hermosa not only raised a cute, charming, lovable little girl, but also one that is compassionate and a responsible little lady who knows when and how to help out in the house when needed. No wonder Ondrea will not only grow up to be physically heartwarming but also as a responsible lady who knows how to hold her own when the time is right, much like her mother.