Doug Kramer Bestowed Scarlett A Symbol of Promise with a “Promise Ring” on her 7th birthday

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Last November 28, a girl named Scarlett Kramer marked its seventh year. Her parents, Doug and Chesca Kramer threw an extravagant and princess-like celebration with the whole family and guests on Amanpulo. They cherished her birthday last December 2 with the glamorous winter wonderland theme.

Gifts and presents obviously weren’t an exception to make any celebrant special. Just like every birthday party, parents get the chance to show their love and support. Doug Kramer, Scarlett’s father, did not waste his time to solidify his love by bestowing her a promise ring. It was like what he gave Kendra on her seventh birthday.

According to him, it signifies an everlasting promise. It’s a precious ring that expresses Doug’s unconditional love, treatment, and respect. It was an epitome of their relationship as father and daughter.

He wanted to let Scarlett know that this ring represents how he treats his lady, wife, and children. He said, “As a father to my daughters, I want to set the standard and benchmark of how a man should treat a lady. They see this evidently on how I treat my wife, my mom, my sisters and most especially how I treat my 2 baby girls. And through seeing this, hopefully, and prayerfully, they won’t settle for anything less,”

In an Instagram post, he emphasized, “Please remember to stay obedient, to love God, and to never easily give away your love to just anyone. You deserve nothing but the best. Happy birthday Scarlett! Papa loves you so much!”

Some people thought that Doug Kramer may have given the ring too early. He answered, “But why? I gave one to Kendra 2 years ago, and she remembers exactly what it means and how she should value herself and the love she cannot give easily to anyone.” He wanted to know how precious his daughter is and how lucky he was.