Drooling while you sleep; a proof of good health

Drooling may not be an attractive sight, it might even be annoying or inconvenient for the people you share a bed with. Sialorrhea may leave you with a pool of slobber when you wake up in the morning. It a shameful secret that must keep under the cover of darkness, a reason to avoid dozing off in public for some.

But drooling can mean a variety of things, a lot of which are good. One of which is; drooling is an indicator of good sleep, continue reading to know why it healthy for you.
Drooling in your sleep means your body is in the best relaxation process.

When the body is relaxed your muscles undergo relaxation, which leads to a better mood, which leads to happiness, reduced stress, and lessened eye bags.
Enough sleep is beneficial to the heart, weight and your mind. Now drooling guarantees that one has a good sleep, hence it can be stipulated that your drool is a proof that the body’s regeneration process which occurs while you sleep was uninterrupted.

Drool also indicates that you might have had good dreams. When we sleep our eyes move, called the REM or Rapid Eye movement, now when this natural bodily process happens our neurotransmitters are inhibited, muscle movements are curtailed, and sleep becomes more comfortable and when your minds relaxed it becomes possible to dream good thoughts. So next time you see dried saliva stains on your pillowcase don’t feel bad don’t be ashamed because this indicates a good night sleep.

So let’s recap, what are the good things that drool indicate, it indicates better sleep which leads to a better a mood, fewer eye bags, body’s regeneration process is uninterrupted, and your minds able to produce good dreams, and did I mention its also good for digestion and the disinfection of the mouth.

Source: Elitereaders