A mother requested for a glass of Water but rejected by a rude waiter. After few days the restaurant went bankrupt because of his action

One hot day, a worried mother set foot in a restaurant desperately looking for water to quench her baby’s parched lips. She wanted to keep her child well-hydrated throughout a day, as any toddler should be. However, the restaurant only sells drinks that are carbonated and energizing. There is no sight of pure water. The mother weakened upon knowing that Coke and Sprite weren’t suitable for the child.

Her disappointment brightened up as her eyes struck a water fountain – one she knew her child’s stomach can bear. She approached the waiter with hopes of obtaining a glass of water. “Do you have a glass then?”, the waiter then asked. The mother was surprised by the waiter’s unexpected question. She then hastily asked an apology and said that she doesn’t have one. With a streak of mischievousness, the waiter denied her request. A request that can alleviate the baby’s life.

The mother will always do anything for her child so she still pleaded if she can use the restaurant’s glass in exchange for a small cash. She forlornly said, “My baby is really thirsty. Please.” Despite the woman’s condition. The unsympathetic waiter still held her heads up high and answered, “Why not you just buy one of the soft drinks?”

The mother then explained that soft drinks cannot be consumed by her child as young as an infant. For the last time, she asked for a glass of water but the waiter did not show any mercy. Instead, she avoided them and proceeded to her work. They were left empty and drowning in a swarm of costumers.

After a few hours, the mother went back home. She verged in with her neighbors to have a small talk with them about what happened earlier. Her neighbors didn’t hesitate to come up with a decision to never enter the restaurant anymore. They were all angry how pitiless and inconsiderate the waiter was.

The news about how rude the service was was spread by a teacher, whom one of her neighbors, to her class and students. She was near the fast food restaurant and influenced them to stay away from it. After that, the students relayed the message to their friends until many people knew. “It is better for us to no longer go to the restaurant.”, they said.

The restaurant opened the next day. Silence reigned the whole place, with hours passing so long than it usually was. Crowded tables and long queues would often fill the spaces but today, it remained like an abandoned place with no one in sight.

Days passed, the restaurant owner presented coupons and promotions such as discounts to pull back in customers. There were, but it didn’t last for a long time until it became a rare event. Most of them just take take-outs.

The time came when the restaurant completely vanished after rival restaurants sprawled in.
They never saw it coming. They never perceived that a simple act of selfishness and greediness instead of destructive forces and financial constraints ended up a career and the whole franchise. It all began with a glass of water and karma did the rest.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s priceless to act with kindness and a good heart. Do not be afraid to help those who are in need because someday it will go back to you. So, the next time someone asks for a drink or food, give them. You might not know there’s something better in return.

Source: Goodtimes