Bad Habits and Practices you need to stop doing in your Relationship

The 21st century marks the information age, the golden age for technology lovers and users alike. We have automated almost every form of technology we have, from mobile devices that can detect its users through facial recognition, to cars driving and even parking themselves perfectly. We enjoy and live in a world full of these conveniences thanks to the advancement of human ingenuity and of course, our technology as its product.

Yet we still have norms, traditions, or cultures (whatever you would like to call them) that may seem archaic, but we still follow and do anyway, as if we can’t live without them. Staying in a relationship is one of those norms that we continue to adhere to in our daily lives. For today’s article, we will feature things that we consciously do yet we unconsciously not know that these things might ruin our relationships. Here are eleven of the things that we have to improve as to not cause conflicts in our relationships.

1. Health
We often pretend that everything in our body is alright as to not worry our partners, even when we ourselves are already in pain and is in bad need of help. It’s pretty simple really, we tend to do this as a form of a defense mechanism and sometimes to assert to our partners that we are alright as a sign of our huge egos as well. We’re all just human, we feel pain as to not let ourselves get into trouble. We shouldn’t shun our partners’ help especially when we need them, if they truly love and care for you, they will always be by your side and take care of your sick selves.

2. Intimate Moments
We all mature; it’s just a matter of knowing when we do. This is true even for our relationships as well. From wild and crazy nights with your partner on your beds, we seem to outgrow our partner’s attention and we tend to have boring nights when nothing at all happens. This could be due to stress or even at-home work, but whatever the reason may be, we should keep in mind that physical intimacy plays a huge role in our relationships. Ask yourselves, when was the last time you ever felt good with your partner whenever you get time alone with him or her? And admit it, the more we decline our bodily and human needs, the more uncomfortable and uncertain we are in our partners and our relationships.

3. Funny and Weird Habits
Every one of us has a crazy side, there’s no denying that. Some might like collecting figurines of their favorite superheroes; some might like taking hour-long showers. Nothing is wrong with any of those as we all have it in ourselves. What’s wrong is hiding these habits from our partners. We shouldn’t be uncertain and skeptical about whether or not we will be accepted by them. If our partners truly love us, they will learn to accept us at our best and worst, and that includes the weird things you like in life.

4. Indifference Towards Kids
Somewhere along the line of our relationships, we start thinking about babies that we don’t have yet, kids that we have yet to nurture and guide. We can always have a choice to postpone having kids, there’s nothing wrong with it. But we should always consider family planning as having kids can either make or break a relationship, and it is very crucial to think before we pop our partners’ cherries.

5. Financial Issues
Not all of us are born with silver spoons in our mouths. We work hard for our money, the money that we spend on our needs and wants alike. Opening up to your partners about your current financial status not only shows that we are mature and responsible enough but also shows that we trust our loved ones. If we plan on having families of our own, we should definitely practice budgeting for the future of our families along with our partners, not against them.

6. Partner’s Drawbacks and/or Failures
We’re all human, as cliché as that statement sounds, it’s true. We commit mistakes and we can’t always expect the best out of our efforts, and that is also true with our partners as well. It’s wrong and unhealthy for us to blame our partners for their mistakes, rather we should always discuss peacefully where we went wrong and then formulate a solution that would benefit both parties.

7. The Right to Stay Alone
Most people think that being in a relationship means we should be tied to our partners’ lives like dogs on leashes. This is definitely wrong in every sense. Having time alone lets us meditate on things that we need to think about. We all deserve some time alone, and whenever your partner asks for his or her alone time, don’t misunderstand it. Let them have it. True love will always come back wherever they feel at home.

8. Personal Issues
We get irritated whenever our partners get redundant, that’s something normal. Yet that doesn’t mean that we should keep our daily stresses and griefs to ourselves. It is healthier to let our partners know how we are doing and get into a solution that can help cope with your problems. Remember, partners aren’t partners only whenever at the bed, our loved ones are in our lives for a reason.

9. Parents
Whenever we get into a serious relationship, we always tend not only for ourselves but for the parents of our partners as well, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as they are now a part of our lives as well. What’s bad is when they start to take control of our lives. Whenever this happens, have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner and remind them that you yourselves have a family of your own to raise and care for.

10. Plans for the Future
We all are uncertain of our futures, and that includes our future with our partners as well. We should all keep in mind that needless sacrifices can harm both parties in a relationship, thus we should always be open to our partners about our plans for ourselves and our future families.

11. Appearance Complexes
Accepting each other’s flaws is a sign of true love, and will always lead to a happy relationship between you and your partners. This cannot be exaggerated enough as in the age where vanity is a must, true love is often masked by glamorous, loveless faces. We should always love somebody for who they truly are, not for what they look like