Baby Tali’s Cute Reaction on Video Earn Positive Comments Online

Born on November 6, 2017, Baby Tali is the first child of Vic Sotto a Filipino actor, television presenter, comedian, singer, and songwriter. He is one of three pioneer hosts of Eat Bulaga!, which is the longest-running Philippine noontime variety show, baby Tali is his child to co-host Pauleen.

The two got married on January 30, 2016, in Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa. With celebrities as parents baby Tali seems to have to be camera ready running in his veins.

The baby looked ever so cute with the natural reactions that were caught on cam by her ever so hands-on mother Pauleen.

She reacted like she already had an affinity with the camera as her mom sung her a Christmas song.

With her Mommy looking at her face and the camera while singing each line of the classic Christmas song jingle bells. The viral video was uploaded by none other than Pauleen herself, the proud mom wrote the caption ”

It seems like this baby knows that Christmas is coming love you, Tali!” The video earned some 400000 views and tons of comments from the netizens and here are some of them.
“My heart goes for this kid for her kind attitude, so sweet, and very reserved, I can’t imagine the happiness of her mommy having pretty and kind Tali in her life.”

“Cute baby tali i love the way you smile i love you cute cute tali.”

“Ang tawa ni tali nakaaalis ng pagod at stress, so cute and adorable naman. Good job mama poling.”

“Looks like tali loves watching her mom sing for her. I’m inlove with you talitha.”

“It really makes me happy everytime I see tali’s video. Feeling ko ang sarap magka baby. Good health and bless you!”