Reasons Why Keeping a Bar of Soap Handy is a Good Idea

Normally people keep at least two bars of soap inside the house. Typically in the kitchen sink or in the bathroom for washing up. But did you know that you can do so much more with just one bar of soap? From removing wallpaper to keeping insects away from plants, without further delay I give you a list of the incredible things you can do with a bar of soap.

1. Coat Sewing Needle

Having a hard time getting a needle through a tough piece of fabric, well a bar of soap might come in handy. Rub the needle with soap before you stick it through, after doing so you can expect the needle to smoothly slip through the fabric.

2. Paint Splatter Protection

To protect the window when painting, it is always a good thing to rub it with a bar of soap. The soap will make the removal of paint on the window surface an ease.

3. Wallpaper Removal

Make a slippery solution by mixing soap and water, then spray it on the wallpaper. The soapy solution will now make the removal an easy task.

4. Pretreat Cloth Stains

To pretreat cloth stains one must simply moisten a bar of soap and rub it on the stain.

5. Break In Leather Shoes

A good solution to blistering caused by the tough leather of new shoes, rub a wet bar of soap on the insides of the shoe, let the insides absorb the soap.

6. Check for an air leak in tires

To check for air leaks using soap, simply rub the soap on the tire, check for bubbles caused by escaping air from the possible leaks.

7. Leg Cramps

A bar of Irish Spring contains soothing oils, so to avoid leg cramps at night put a bar of it between your bedsheets.

8. Mice Deterrent

Place a bar or a chopped up piece of soap on doorways, entry points or infested areas. The fragrant smell of the soap will keep the mice at bay.

9. Pet Control

Rub the soap on your furniture. The bitter taste of it will make your pets think twice before chewing on your furniture.

10. Gas Leak Locator

Slightly damp up the soap then rub it on the gas pipe, following the same principles of the tire leak test, if it bubbles there’s probably a leak.

11. Smelly shoe refreshment

Leave a bar of soap inside your smelly shoes, the soap will absorb the foul smell.

12. Insecticide

Mix grated soap with warm water then spray it on your plants, the smell will repel the bugs.

13. Flea Killer

Put a bar of soup on a bowl of water, put the bowl under a light, the soapy water will attract the fleas and lead them to their deaths.