Stunning Celebrities with Tiny Waistlines

For some, a sexy body is a prerequisite for the showbiz industry, as such some celebrities work hard to maintain their fit bodies. But that’s no easy task especially when it comes to the waistline as its one of the hardest parts of the body to shape. But these celebrities have proven that through hard work, determination and perseverance nothing is impossible.

1. Jennylyn Mercado

The Kapuso actress maintains her 24-inch waistline through biking, running, and doing martial arts like Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu. The celebrity mom also practices Pilates.

2. Maggie Wilson

Like Jennylyn, Maggie is also a mom but she still maintains a 24” waistline allowing her to flaunt her beautiful body with swimwear. She maintains her fitness through marathons and an active lifestyle.

3. Erich Gonzales

Abiding by a strict less-salt-and-less-sugar diet Erich managed to reduce her waistline from 26 inches to just 24. It seems that she’s now focusing on her waistline after working on her butt and abs last year.

4. Julie Anne San Jose

With a waistline of 24 inches, the singer and actress is a sure head turner, she’s able to maintain this figure by taking three to five balanced meals a day and a 30-minute stationary bike daily workout.

5. Julia Barretto

A young star from a showbiz-oriented family she sure knows how to keep herself in shape, enlisting the help of Bok Santos. Her hard work was repaid with 22 inches waistline and abs.

6. Megan Young

Through pilates and weightlifting, it looks like Miss World Megan Young has sweated her way into regaining her 22″ waistline this year.

7. Pia Wurtzback

Another beauty queen, Pia maintains her waistline of 23″ with an hour long and no longer gym workout and eating everything in moderation.

8. Sam Pinto

With the help of yoga and surfing the two-time FHM sexiest Pinay maintains her 22″ waistline.

9. Rhian Ramos

The Kapuso actress reportedly did planks to achieve her 22″ waistline.

10. Lovi Poe

She has a waistline of 21″, she keeps it this way through pilates.

11. Marian Rivera

After giving birth the Kapuso actress still has her 19 inches waistline.

12. Kris Vernal

After improving her calorie-intake, Kris now has an 18″ waistline compared to her 22″ before.