Mga Anak ni Lumen sa Surf Commercial noon, sobrang Gumanda pa Ngayon!

Take a look at them now.

Remember the late 90’s to the early 2000’s surf commercials. The commercial became a hit and an epitome of Filipino housewives. The commercial also successfully not only sold the product but also the characters, with their faces becoming synonymous with the brand.

The commercials had a simple plot and concept, revolving around the typical Pinoy family with Lumen the wife and mother, Lando the husband and father and their two daughters. A pair of twins played by Charlotte Andrea and Charice Andrea Hermoso.

The two are no longer the children we saw at the TV commercials. The twins have now grown up to become gorgeous young women. They are reportedly studying at the moment at the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta in Las Piñas.

Charice according to some reports, seem to be the twin who’s more into fashion. With her stylish choices confirming the statement. Sporting trending outfits looking like a fashion icon.

Some have even suggested that she can be at par with runway models. It is said that she has the potential to be a model.
Meanwhile, Charlotte seemed as if she’s the twin with pretty simple with her low maintenance, simple and down to earth fashion style.

But do not be mistaken, she’s just as beautiful as her twin, with her simplicity highlighting her natural beauty.

The twins still look gorgeous and it can be said that the two are ready to play any role in a TV drama series or commercial.

After their short stint in the Showbiz industry with the commercial as their launch pad but after that the two took a rest from the limelight with their last TV appearance in 2007 in a GMA 7 drama series.