Actress Kathryn Bernardo: “A Successful CEO in Disguise”

Age and gender don’t usually hinder what it takes to attain something. Taking over a big company, in its debut, is somehow risky and often results in unknown consequences. Well, a combined forces of courageousness, innovative young mind and calculated risks, Kathryn Bernardo steps up to take the challenge. She’s not just some prominent actress but a successful CEO which uplifts the female power.

The 22-year-old icon didn’t rely on her showbiz career but envisioned her planned future and ambitions. As we can see how lucrative she is in the entertainment sector, Kathryn finds time to engage in investments and the business world. Last May 27, 2017, her idea of nail salon first flourished in SM The Block North EDSA which is branded to as KathNails by KCMB. It is safe to conclude that naming her nail salon identical to her popular fandom is a witty move that’ll surely attract many costumers (and fans) in its first run.

One year has passed and the nail salon didn’t result in a failure but an accomplishment to look up and awed to. The young owner even exceeds this as five branches have been established with a follow-up of two more this year.

“Hindi ko na-expect na ganitong karaming branches within one year,” the actress stated in an interview with undeniably showing her surprise of what her business’ outcome.

To celebrate the anniversary, she held a grand opening for her fourth branch situated in Robinson’s Place, Manila. She didn’t fail to meet the satisfactory level of her costumers. In fact, the quality service and products made people storm back again and again. Because of this, Kathryn felt very grateful and pleased as she stated in the same interview.

She stated that it’s not always the fans show and line up but other regular clients keep coming back because of the service. She also pointed out that satisfaction plays a crucial role and should be maintained throughout.

The owner was also glad that their business was growing especially with the help of her mother, Min. Indeed, it takes a special place in Kathryn’s heart because this is a gift her mother gave her. Both of them wear the same crowns of being a CEO of the company. Besides her mom, her whole family shares the same stress she felt and it was no joke.

Every staff is considered as a family to the Bernardos, especially now that the nail salon is sprouting healthily. It’s a give and takes for everyone because the actions of everyone produce a learning process that smoothens their business. It’s not always the money Kathryn grabs but also the appreciation of those she helped. Talk about a woman full of wit, beauty, intelligence, and kind heart. It’s hard to bring her down!