Is it Bad to Eat before Bedtime?

Most of us love eating before bed and you might reason how can I sleep when my stomachs rumbling with hunger. Well here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t eat before going to bed, reasons to put your mind over your tummy’s hunger pangs.

1. Insomnia

Caffeine is a sure “no” before catching some Z’s so colas, coffee, and energy drinks before going to bed are to be avoided. MSG and protein-rich foods also act as stimulants and so do sugary snacks.

2. Heartburn

We have to admit it’s hard to eat while contending with acid reflux. During the day gravity keeps our stomach acids in check but come night when you lay in bed, stomach acids might leak from stomach to the esophagus. So here are the things to avoid; spicy foods such as chilies and peppers and highly acidic drinks.

3. Digestive Pain

Our stomach works hard to digest what we eat, some studies suggest that the stomach takes 3 hours to empty itself so it might be a good idea to eat 3 hours before sleeping. However, some food items take longer to digest such as; greasy and fatty foods.

4. Bathroom Runs

Eat water laden food items and you’re sure to frequent the bathroom. Good luck sleeping while your bladder is full.

5. Weight Gain Risk

Our body needs to burn off the calories we take in. But when we eat before bed we deprive ourselves with calorie burning activities. So here are some healthy food choices if you want a good night sleep; bananas which contain potassium and magnesium that serve as relaxants, melatonin-rich food such as cherries for the bodies internal body clock, and kiwi which contains serotonin a sleep-inducing chemical. And throw in some cauliflower and broccoli for the “crunch factor” while racking up some carbs.