Mga Senyales na ang asawa o ang girlfriend mo ay Nagseselos

In a relationship, a mixture of emotions envelops both sides especially girls. They expressively show their happiness over their man’s surprise, cry over small misunderstandings or turn themselves to weird beings because of jealousy.

One may say that it’s a little ‘OA’, but emotions are emotions and girls are girls. They can be possessive, fencing any intruders and sharpen their “girlfriend sensitivity”. Jealousy is an inevitable emotion specifically when it comes to someone we care and love. It is harmless and girls implicitly convey “I’m scared that you might leave me.”

Girls are vulnerable to emotions and crack open like an egg. If jealousy strikes in, there is nothing stopping it to take over. Here are fifteen signs you should be aware that your girl is jealous.

1. Lying
Guys are clueless to what a girl acts since they can make emotions in disguise. For instance, under the skirts of a fake smile reveals her true feelings. Frequently, girls in the middle of being jealous, frantically answer a question with a paragraph.

2. Mood Swings
A girl knows what girls you’re dealing with, whether it had pure intentions or flirtatious gestures, one thing’s for sure – quick change of mood. The weirder they act the more they’ll show jealousy.

3. Friendly Stalk
Stalking isn’t always creepy particularly if a girl asks a favor to his friend to monitor your actions. They are so investigative and keen to observe whoever you are talking to through her spy and you are completely unaware of it.

4. Ignoring Him
Playing hard-to-get seems cliché as it sounds to me but this does not fade in especially when girls are jealous. They ignore, probably won’t hear a word coming out from her mouth. The only thing left you would do is basically exert an effort to melt their knees.

5. An Intentional Flirt
Girls are attention-seekers too in some ways like if you are hardly noticing her. They approach a guy with flirty actions, talking them in a seductive way or alluring them. They are jealous in this way as they want to see whether you care or not

6. Enumerating Different Guys
It is certain that girls are jealous when they make you jealous of a win-win situation. They keep telling guys about this, mentioning whatever details can make a man triggers its jealousy and for the delight to see what her man’s reaction would be.

7. Being Busy When You’re Not
If a girl is caught off-guard that she’s jealous, it would be embarrassing. Sometimes, to tidy things up like girls don’t care (but they do, really do) they do whatever they can to look like a busy person scanning her phone with, in reality, nothing.

8. Sarcastic Laugh
Laughing out loud may not be genuine in some situations like of which, a jealous girl. A forced laugh may be perfect to excuse a girl’s jealousy but it’s obvious enough (and quite strange) that she’s just hiding it.

9. Being Clingy Quickly
During times of too much jealousy, a girl wraps her arms onto a boy sticks like a tarsier. It is certain that a girl is jealous especially if she becomes very clingy. A supportive action, intertwined palms, caressing her man’s hair and kiss is all that it takes to drive wandering girls away.

10. Dummy Accounts
If obtaining a girl’s boyfriend account won’t work, then creating a dummy one will do. These jealous girls always do what it takes to track them the girl they’re envious of and devise any plans to get rid of her. The next time a strange account adds you, you know the drill.

11. Hot Selfies to Attract
Girls have the audacity to pose sexy and hot selfies in order to lure guys to like, maybe react or even comment to her picture and see what would her boyfriend’s response. That, my friend, is a sign of jealousy.

12. Negative Comments to Destroy
When girls are jealous of another girl, she becomes a no saint. She would dive below the depths of the girls’ weaknesses. She would also be saying almost negative as if she was horrible to make her boyfriend stop in keeping in touch with her.

13. Daily Phone Checkups
Jealousy can turn a girl into detectives on their own boyfriends. Even you won’t give her the password, she already knows and the next thing you know is that she is now scanning all your messaging apps, messenger, facebook, twitter, e-mails and even apps you don’t use. That’s how vigilant a jealous girl is.

14. Pretending to be Sick
Whenever you don’t want to go to school, you pretend to have a fever just to skip the long test. If you are jealous, you can fake to be sick just to get your man’s attention and would trash the party just to “take care” of you.

15. Sarcastic Talks
Brace yourselves to be drowned in a sea of sarcasm when your girlfriend becomes jealous. She might not only be sarcastic but also rolls eyes, controlling voices and even smirking.

Jealousy is evident to see on girls but that doesn’t mean boys are heartless creatures. They too, become jealous and sometimes they can get weirder. In fact, if we can’t feel jealousy we cannot say we are truly in love with someone.

Jealousy, as playful and childish it seems, is harmless to a relationship. Truthfully, some of them even intentionally do it to test their partners if they truly love them. Dare not, a dozen dose of jealousy makes oneself obsessive and too possessive that makes someone terrifying and dangerous (even their partner may get afraid). It will just wound up a scar that gets deadly when deepened.

As prescribed by love experts, a handful of jealousy is ample enough to cast a rainbow in your relationship. So the next time you smell jealousy let it pass by because it fades away. But if you don’t like jealousy to corrupt your atmosphere, then don’t start a puff in a haze.