Isang OFW umuwi sa Pilipinas upang sopresahin ang pamilya ngunit sya pala ang lubos na masusurpresa dahil di na sya nakilala ng mga ito.

Overseas Filipino Workers are now the new heroes of the country. Most of the families have one or both their parents work abroad in order to give their families amends and money. On the latest survey conducted last 2017 by the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are 2.3 million Over Seas Filipino Workers abroad.

Also, The number of total remittances reached nearly 205 billion pesos from April to September 2017. 8 out 10 families are having their parents work abroad. Imagine how many families suffer from homesickness wanting to see their parents and kids.

Pinay Overseas Filipino worker surprises her family, Unfortunately, her family doesn’t seem to recognize her.

After spending a number of hours and years in Riyadh, Yeth Espiritu Cuadra surprises her family and the only person who knows her arrival is her best friend.

In the front of the gate of their house, the Pinay OFW pretends to be looking for “Mayeth”.When her mother opened the gate she responded “wala si Mayeth at sa Disyembre pa uuwi rito”.After her mother wasn’t able to recognize her, she introduced herself as “Mayeth”. Her mother hugged her and tears fell.

The reason why her mother wasn’t able to recognize “Mayeth” because of the changes in her appearance. By the time she got inside the house, even her kids are having a hard time identifying her but when the kids heard they immediately recognize that this is my mother.

Even though she gets too far away lands in order to work for her family, after working for years and coming back here in the country.

Unfortunately, her mother and her kids had a hard time recognizing her as their mother.

After spending hours working away from your family, suffering from homesickness and sacrificing the time for your family for work. You can feel the mixed feelings of the mother. However what important is that she came back and ever forget her loved ones. A mother’s unyielding love indeed.

Here are some reactions from fellow Netizens
“Yung bata relate ako eh, like ng niece ko nung umuwi ako hndi ako kiniboan from airport hanggang VAN na pauwi kami sa house, but still lucky few hours at home she approach me nahihiya dw cya sa akin kc laki ng pinagbago ko, hahahahaha shock lng cya at parang di ako kilala at first , hahay OFW life”
” naiyak ako subra piling up pagowi ko rin baka ganyan anak ko hindi ako halos kilala kasi 5yrs na. hindi ko nakita sila …..huhuhu sakit pala sa dibidb kon ganun mangyayari sa akin soon”.

Credits: Yeth Espiritu Cuadra Facebook