Things that happened to Meteor Garden’s superstar San Chai after 17 years

Every time you hear names such as Dao Min Si, San Chai, and F4 or songs like “Qing Fei De Yi” and “Oh Baby” you will remember a classic Asia novella from Taiwan and soon become famous all over Asia especially in the Philippines.

The TV hit series also became part of our afternoon lives and love stories even after 17 years, and their legacy still continues when Meteor Garden got remastered to match the current tastes of millennials.

Their fame came from Taiwan and got over here. They even got a chance to perform and have a concert here in the country because of the support and love for the series itself.

Right now, Barbie Hsu is 41 years old yet she still remains vibrant and youthful like the San Chai we knew in Meteor Garden.

Behind the youthful routine that makes her stay young is by drinking lemon water and rose tea.

After playing her lead role in the Tv series in 2001, Barbie Hsu semi-retired in the Show business and got married in 2010.

Right now she’s a mother of two kids and together with his husband Wang Xiaofei who is an eight-year Chinese entrepreneur.

She confirms that she’s carrying their third child. Unfortunately, she and her husband have to abort the pregnancy after finding the fetus have no heartbeat and it could lead to losing her life.

As one of those people that struck from their love and drama, I will never forget the scenes such as the time she received her red card from F4 and also when she’s playing the piano in front of Dao Ming Si’s mother and lastly the very painful orange scene where she’s miserably running after Dao Ming Si. Again Thank you for being part of our afternoon lives.

Credits: ShowbizRead