Doll-like lady allures and catches everyone’s attention with her charming features

Dolls are what ladies and ladies at heart have been playing since childhood, often depicted as the perfect lady, may it be a princess, a queen, someone with a slim and porcelain-skinned, perfect beach body, which can be both elegant and sexy at the same time.

For most then little girls, these attributes and features are exactly what they all yearn for, some resorting to spending thousands of pesos worth of food supplements, gym instructors, dietitians, and physicians, and even sometimes having cosmetic surgeries.

But for one gifted and very talented woman, she only needs her makeup kit and a wig to match and she’s ready to go.

Meet Ruella, a 23-year old art student dubbed as the beautiful “Doll lady” who walks the same streets as us and lives a happy normal life being an art student.

How does she manage to transform herself into such realistic elegant dolls?

As an art student and naturally someone who we can consider kikay, she loves both sketching for doll face concepts, and makeup to make them turn not just into a few sketches, but in reality as well.

She mixes and matches her doll concepts and sketches with just the right amount of makeup and the right kind of wig for her idea of a doll to come into life, with her being the doll of course.

Ruella enjoys posing for the public and has garnered and amass almost half a million followers on Instagram and Twitter alike, where she posts not only photos of her, but also sketches and concept arts that she does before transforming into a doll, wherein she will announce in her Twitter account where she can be spotted next, giving her fans a chance to meet the doll lady in person.

Ruella says that she doesn’t just make up and dress up like a doll to captivate fans and none fans alike, other than being an art student, she is in awe at how dolls look and how they would act in the real world.

Other than her makeup kit and wigs, she also maintains her body in tiptop shape, mimicking the slim and well-toned shape that the inanimate dolls have.

For fans wondering exactly how she turns into dolls, she has a YouTube channel that is specifically created to show tutorials and transformation videos, showing her step-by-step processes and makeup kits that she uses.

She cannot exaggerate how she is just like every woman who desired to be like the dolls that they idolized as a kid, except she has the talent and skill in the art, a physique that she worked hard for, and the determination to follow her dreams and become a doll herself.

Credits: ShowbizRead