Obese dog, weighing 77 pounds was saved by his new owner and made him look great again!

Most of the videos on the Internet, dogs save its owner from tragedy but in this video its the turn of the owner to save his dog from obesity. According to studies, more than 45 percent of dogs and 58 percent of cats can be classified as overweight or obese.

Sometimes a few pounds could place a significant stress on the body. It could lead to Diabetes or insulin resistance, Liver disease or dysfunction, Osteoarthritis and many more.

In many cultures, sharing food between the owner and the pet symbolizes as a loving gesture to them. However feeding your pet too much enough to be overweight can prove fatal to your pet. You can put them into a diet and full of activity like exercise. There is also a healthy treat for your pet available in the nearest Vet without worrying about gaining too much weight.

The dog named Obie suffers from obesity weighing 77 pounds. The average weight of a Dachshund is 11-16 pounds.

Obie’s first owners couldn’t keep up with exercising him so they decided to give him up for adoption. Here comes his second owner name Nora Vanatta.

The moment she decided to take Obie as his pet, she set a goal for the dog to lose weight in 1 year. After 8 months of diet and exercise with his new owner Nora, they hit their set goal for Obie and lost 40 pounds. They even had to perform surgery to remove Obie’s excess skin.

This dog lost 50 pounds in 1 year

Obie used to be dangerously overweight, tipping the scales at 77 pounds. After being rescued and getting some much needed exercise, he's back at a healthy weight ??

Posted by Yahoo Now on Friday, 12 October 2018

The dog is much happier and healthier now. It can move and play as much as he wants. Vanatta said “I hope he can be an inspiration to any person or animal trying to lose weight”
The owner of the dog wanted him to become an inspiration to everyone if an animal could do it so do us, humans.

Credits: Yahoo Now / Nora Vanatta